Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pedicures: A Simple Pleasure?

Pedicures - in my mind - are the perfect, inexpensive way to relax. A good leg/ foot massage takes me away to a place where chocolate trees grow beside a stream of perfectly brewed coffee. Choosing a polish is the icing on the cake. Pedicures make me happy.

The weather in Atlanta has been phenomenal, especially for March. The sun is out and many of the trees in my yard are blooming. Although it's not exactly time for sandals, I decided to spend my "me time" getting a pedicure with a dear friend.

While pedicures make me happy, the procedure is not without stress. Type II diabetics must be extra careful with their feet. Our feet are sensitive to injury and bacteria could cause a variety of problems. My uncle has lost both of his feet to infected wounds. His loss is partially due to uncontrolled diabetes, but that's a different story for another day. I indulge, but with caution. Use a salon I trust, take my own tools, have the bowl cleaned and sterilized in front of me and put tea tree oil in the water.

My friend watched in awe of the lengths I took to prepare for my pedicure.She remarked although she knew how diabetes affected my health, she never considered how something so routine required so much thought. Ironically, I can't remember pedicures before my diagnosis. The end result is the same...beautiful feet.

So, I ask you. How has a diabetes or any other health condition forced you to re-examine your simple pleasures? Did those changes become routine for you?